February 3, 2016


ICPSA2016 welcomes fundamental and industrial research on highly interesting aspects of

  • Atmospheric Non-Equilibrium Plasmas e.g. DBD plasmas
  • High Density Pinch Plasmas e.g. DPF, Z-Pinch plasmas
  • Laser Induced Plasmas
  • Inductively Coupled Plasmas (ICPs)
  • Glow Discharge, Arc Discharge Plasmas
  • Thermal Plasmas And others Plasma as source of
  • Radiation & High energy Particles e.g. X-rays, Gamma Rays, Electrons, Ions, Neutrons etc. Plasma Diagnostics for Radiation and Energetic Particle Emissions
  • Optical Emission Spectroscopy
  • Mass Spectroscopy
  • X-ray Diagnostics
  • Laser Assisted Plasma spectrometry e.g. Shadowgraph, LIBS, LA-ICP-MS/OES
  • Diagnostics and monitoring of Electrons, Ions, Neutrons emissions from various plasma sources Applications
  • Plasma Nanotechnology
    • Surface Modifications i.e. cleaning and treatment
    • Plasma coating i.e. Optical coatings, Smart coatings for sensors etc.
    • Nano films i.e. thin/ultra-thin/Multilayer/nanocomposite films and nanostructures etc.
    • Synthesis of CNTs, Graphene, Polymers, Nano powders etc.
  • Energy harvesting i.e. Solar cells, fuel cells, supercapacitors etc.
  • Environmental Applications e.g. waste material treatment and sterilization
  • Security Applications e.g. Plasma based Neutron and X-ray sources for Homeland Security
  • Plasma Focus Devices
  • Plasma Based radiation sources for Lithography and Imaging
  • Plasma cutting And other areas of plasma research and applications