International Conference on Plasma Science and Applications (ICPSA) 2016

About the Conference

Following the last eight successful workshops/conferences that were held in Malaysia (2008), Singapore (2009), P.R. China (2010), Iran (2011), Thailand (2012), Singapore (2013), Nepal (2014) and Iran (2015) and the ninth in the series Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in collaboration with Nilai University and AAAPT, is set to hold the 9th International Conference on Plasma Science and Applications (ICPSA 2016) from 28th –30th November 2016. The 3-day conference will be held at the (Langkawi Lagoon Resort) at the palatial coastal area of Langkawi Island, best known for its fabulous nature parks, deep cruising havens and appealing mountains scenery.


ICPSA 2016 is continuation of the annual meetings organized by AAAPT (Asian African Association for Plasma Training) and hosted by one of its member institutes in different Afro-Asian countries and welcomes plasma scientists from around the globe. It is an excellent platform for early career researchers to present their work and share their ideas with world’s renowned plasma scientists.

Numerous Plenary and invited talks by more globally renowned Plasma scientists will be featured during the conference followed by interactive sessions to bolster the confidence of young scientists and researchers through scientific discussions and expert opinion on their research.





ICPSA2016 welcomes fundamental and industrial research on highly interesting aspects of

• Atmospheric Non-Equilibrium Plasmas e.g. DBD plasmas
• High Density Pinch Plasmas e.g. DPF, Z-Pinch plasmas
• Laser Induced Plasmas
• Inductively Coupled Plasmas (ICPs)
• Glow Discharge, Arc Discharge Plasmas
• Thermal Plasmas And others Plasma as source of
• Radiation & High energy Particles e.g. X-rays, Gamma Rays, Electrons, Ions, Neutrons etc. Plasma Diagnostics for Radiation and Energetic Particle Emissions
• Optical Emission Spectroscopy
• Mass Spectroscopy
• X-ray Diagnostics
• Laser Assisted Plasma spectrometry e.g. Shadowgraph, LIBS, LA-ICP-MS/OES
• Diagnostics and monitoring of Electrons, Ions, Neutrons emissions from various plasma sources Applications
• Plasma Nanotechnology o Surface Modifications i.e. cleaning and treatment o Plasma coating i.e. Optical coatings, Smart coatings for sensors etc. o Nano films i.e. thin/ultra-thin/Multilayer/nanocomposite films and nanostructures etc. o Synthesis of CNTs, Graphene, Polymers, Nano powders etc.
• Energy harvesting i.e. Solar cells, fuel cells, supercapacitors etc.
• Environmental Applications e.g. waste material treatment and sterilization
• Security Applications e.g. Plasma based Neutron and X-ray sources for Homeland Security
• Plasma Focus Devices
• Plasma Based radiation sources for Lithography and Imaging
• Plasma cutting And other areas of plasma research and applications

Keynote Speakers

Prof Dr Lee Sing

Institute for Plasma Focus Studies (IPFS), Australia

Prof Dr Sor Heoh Saw

Nilai University, Nilai, Malaysia

Prof Dr Rajdeep Singh Rawat

National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore

Prof Dr Reza Amrollahi

Amir Kabir University, Iran

Mahmood Ghoranneviss

Islamic Azad University Tehran, Iran

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